The Creek Church

Group Questions

Unprecedented Love - April 5

Faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

It is the evidence of faith and the expression of hope. In the midst of these moments, when so much seems uncertain, what does love require us to do?


1. Sin occurs anytime we withhold or deny love. How does that compare to how most of us typically think of sin?

2. Jesus clarified the Christian definition of love by holding Himself up as the example, the standard. How does His measure of love challenge our own?

3. Jesus did not allow the crisis He was facing to give Him a reason to unlove others. How does His reaction in the face of a crisis compare to your own? To other Christians you know or whose response you have seen?

4. How can you continue to show love in light of our current circumstance?


Say this: In times of crisis Jesus teaches us to lean in and to love, no matter what. What are some ways that we, as a family, can love our neighbors?

Do This: come up with a family plan to show love in your own neighborhood and then put it into action!