The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Finisher from Tarsus - July 26


Criticized, beaten, stoned, lied about, imprisoned. Paul was a hero because he didn’t quit. Our lives are better because he wouldn’t quit. Someone’s life will be better because you didn’t either.


1. Despite all Paul went through, he didn’t quit. In your own words: Why? What kept Paul from throwing in the towel?

2. One of the things we can do to help us persevere is to address our attitudes. What are some practical things that you can set in place/practice to help you do that?

3. Paul urged Timothy to avoid getting sucked into foolish arguments. Why was that important to Paul and for Timothy? What are some of the “foolish arguments” of our day that you need to avoid?

4. How can you wade into conflict and avoid losing influence?

5. Paul was willing to admit his own wrong and carry on. Have you ever held onto a belief or position only because it was yours, even when it was apparent it was wrong? What did that cost you? How did it impact you?