The Creek Church

Group Questions

Science and Faith - February 4


There is a growing idea inside the Church and outside the Church that you cannot fully embrace both faith science. In fact, there are many who believe faith and science are actually in conflict with each other. But what our culture has taught us regarding faith and science couldn’t be further from the truth.


1. Do you believe that Christianity and science are compatible, or is it one or the other? Why? Have you ever believed differently about that question than you do now? How has your belief changed and why?

2. Do you find it intimidating to reconcile faith and science? Why or why not? What are some issues that may or may not make it difficult to reconcile faith and science?

3. At their best, Christianity and science both value and are both searching for truth. How should that underlying principle cause us to be open handed with what we believe? Have you ever changed your mind on a deeply held view because of science?

4. What considerations should be made when something in Scripture seems to conflict with science or vise versa? How should you try to move forward? What questions should you ask?Does that principle ever cause us to be close minded? Has it ever caused you to be close minded?

5. Take a few moments and look over the notes from this Sunday’s message on The Creek App. Which of the statements from the message do you personally find the most compelling? Why?


Spend some time this week reading and reflecting on Psalm 139:13-18. Get a journal and write down some of your thoughts as it pertains to faith, creation, science, and you.