The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Prophet - June 26


God gives to every believer a gift. That gift exists for the good of others. We can’t be all that we need to be and should be without the gifts of others. The Gift of the Prophet will help us be better versions of ourselves because of these gifts in the church. 

Discussion Questions:

1. Our diversity is a strength, but when we don’t maintain unity in the face of adversity it can become divisive. Why is it important for us to understand each other according to our giftedness? How can we do a better job of this? 

2. Each gift God gives to believers in the church is a gift to the entire church, since our gifts exist to benefit others. How does the entire church benefit from the giftedness of the prophet? 

3. Why is it so easy for the Prophet to be viewed negatively by others inside the church who don’t have their particular gift?

4. Has there ever been a time when a prophet has been painfully direct with you? Share about how you handled it and what effect it had in your life. 

5. Prophets see the wrong in order to make it right. Share a story of when you have seen a prophet wield their gift in a way that made things better.

6. Prophets can become easily depressed and discouraged like Elijah did. From the perspective of prophets and non-prophets, how can friendship inside the church have an important effect on this tendency?

7. Why is it important for non-prophets to remember that the intention of the prophet is to help not hurt? How can we keep this in front of our thinking when dealing with a prophet? 

8. Discuss why it is helpful for prophets to be mindful that their way isn’t the only way or always the best way?

9. When it comes the prophet exposing wrongs, why is the approach or method in which they do that so important? 

10. In what ways was Jesus the perfect demonstration of what the gift of the prophet should look like? 


Pray this week, “Holy Spirit, control me so I can be more like Jesus.” 


When you are controlled by the Spirit of God your gift will reveal the Heart of God.