The Creek Church

Group Questions

Ephesus - August 25


Few churches had the dynamic beginnings, excellent leadership, and influence to match Ephesus. Founded by Paul, led for a time by Timothy, and the church of John.

Paul commended them for their excellence, and most importantly their love. 40 years later something had happened. Something shifted. They had all the makings of a great church but they lost the most important thing.


1. When Paul preached the Gospel in Ephesus, there was a group of people that reasoned out what following Jesus would cost them and refused to believe because of it. What are some things, specifically costs, that make it difficult for people to follow Jesus?

2. The church at Ephesus was commended for their love by Paul. Yet, 40 years later they were indicted by God for lacking that very thing. Based on your own experience, what could have led a church that got so much right to get the main thing wrong?

3. The church at Ephesus became passionate about important things, all while forgetting the most important thing. What are some important things that you tend to let overshadow the most important thing?

4. Has there been a time in your life when you loved God and loved people more than you do now? If so, what do you think changed?

5. What are some things you have done in the past that have helped cultivate a sincere faith made manifest by love?