The Creek Church

Group Questions

Teach Them - July 21


Our life is bigger than our lifetime. The Scriptures are filled with examples of men and women who leveraged that fact to impact the future faith of the next generation. One of the greatest examples: Paul and Timothy.


1. “Our life is bigger than our lifetime.” Who or what are you investing in that will outlast your own lifetime?

2. Why did Paul choose Timothy out of everyone? What can we do as parents/adults to raise the next generation to be like Timothy?

3. Paul gave his time and energy to Timothy, even though it wasn’t convenient. He gave Timothy a seat at the table. How can we as the church give a seat at the table and a place on a team to the next generation? What can you personally do to give the next generation a seat and a place?

4. What is the next generation worth?

5. What is something someone has done to impact your faith? What kind of impact did that have? How can you do that for the generation coming up behind you?


Don’t step off that stage of life without doing for someone else what has been done for you.

This week find a way to pass on the faith that someone passed to you.