The Creek Church

Group Questions

Tell Them - July 14


When we study the present it positions us to be better stewards of the future. Today people live longer, information is more accessible, change is the norm, and faith is rapidly declining. The church in the United States is getting smaller and older.

When we study the present it positions us to be better stewards of the future, and that is exactly what we must do as the church. If we are going to impact the generations coming after us and help them develop an authentic faith that is all their own, we have to be honest about where we are and allow that to inform what we do.


1. The church in America is declining. It’s getting smaller and it’s getting older. From your perspective, why is faith declining? Why have younger generations chosen to walk away or not prioritize faith?

2. Psalm 78 highlights the responsibility of each generation to model faith for those coming after them. Has the faith that has been modeled for the next generation been deficient? If so, how?

3. The story of the Israelites highlights two bad examples of faith (see below). How might these two examples undermine the faith of the next generation? Which of them, if either, do you personally struggle with?

  1. Grumbling and Disillusionment (Note the Exodus)
  2. Blessed, busy, and forgetful (Note the opening lines of Judges)

4. Faith is passed on from one person to another. Who passed faith to you, and how did they do it?

5. Sunday Pastor Trevor said, “The choices we make today echo into future generations.” Take a few moments and discuss what your echo will be like. Are you content with it? If not, how can you have a greater impact?


“I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people.” Jude 1:3

How can you better contend for the faith of the next generation? Do it.