The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Better Path - May 10


There is no way to end up in the right place when you are heading in the wrong direction. That's why God offers to show us the right way to the best place.


1. Have you ever accidentally gotten lost, gone the wrong way, or found yourself somewhere you never intended to go? What happened and how did you find yourself in that situation?

2. Whitewashing our past with false memories of what used to be can cause us to resist moving forward. What distortions of the past have caused you to resist moving forward?

3. Our idea of green pastures and King David's idea are remarkably different. How does the proper context of "green pastures" change the meaning and your understanding of Psalm 23?

4. Where He leads may not appear better, but it is always best. How has that truth played out in your own life and the lives of people around you?