The Creek Church

Group Questions

Everyone Can Reach Someone - August 26


No one comes to faith alone. There is someone in your story of faith who reached you, impacted you, and invited you to follow Jesus. Now, our purpose as Jesus followers is to be that someone in someone else’s story of faith.


1. Your story of faith has been influenced by someone. Who has impacted your life/relationship with Jesus? What about their interactions with you made an impact? How can you incorporate these methods to make a greater impact within your sphere of influence?

2. Think of your personal influence. Do you love in such a way that people draw closer to Jesus and desire a relationship with Him?

3. Practically speaking, how can you align your life with Jesus’ purpose? What steps can you take this week to increase your influence?

4. Identify your sphere of influence and share with your group.

5. How can you increase your desire to reach those far from God? What would that look like on a daily basis?


The best thing you can do is to go and tell your story. Show up and love. Be bold and influence. Don’t give up. Who will be the one who comes to faith because of you?