The Creek Church

12 Over 12

In a world that keeps us perpetually busy and on-the-go, we're inviting you to pause, reflect, and consider the incredible impact that serving can have on our lives and our community. We understand that life is demanding, and time often feels like a precious commodity in short supply. But imagine the transformation that can occur when we dedicate just a bit of that time – 12 times over the course of the next 12 months – to serving others. 

12 Over 12 is not about adding more to your plate; it's about cultivating a mindset of compassion, generosity, and purpose in the midst of life's hustle. Each act of service, whether big or small, ripples outwards, touching lives, and makes a difference! This is an opportunity to weave service into the fabric of our lives, and a chance to make a meaningful difference that echoes far beyond the hours we invest. 

So, let's begin to make the time, to share, to care, and to serve others because Jesus taught, there's nothing greater we can do with our lives than serve others.

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