The Creek Church

Group Questions

Flood - October 20


The story of the flood is a classic Bible story that many of us have heard over and over since childhood. But what if we were told an incorrect version of the story? What if Noah wasn’t the blameless person that Sunday School teachers made him out to be? What if Noah was just like us?


1. Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is wrong with the world?” What types of events cause you to ask that question? Have you been able to come up with a satisfactory answer? If so, what was it?

2. Pastor Trevor said that Noah responded to God’s grace in a healthy way. What do you think it means to respond to grace in a healthy way? What is an unhealthy way to respond to grace?

3. Does Genesis 6:13 make you uncomfortable? Do you agree that God’s mercy requires God’s justice? What would it mean for God to only have love or only have justice?

4. Have you ever been told that being a good Christian would protect you from harm? Does the role of God’s grace change your understanding of what it means to be a good Christian?

5. Noah’s obedience to God caused his inner circle (his family) to be blessed. Have you experienced a time when your obedience caused those around you to be blessed?

6. Faith caused Noah to be different than the culture around him. Is there something God is asking you to do differently than those around you? If you feel comfortable, share that with your group.


Today we talked about how our relationship with God is built on Christ’s sacrifice for us. If you have questions about this or need to take your next step, talk to your group leader this week or drop by Next Steps in the lobby of your Creek campus on Sundays.