The Creek Church

Group Questions

New Definitions - October 29


Jesus showed up in the first century and the world never recovered. He introduced something new, something better, and something certain. Luke would research and compile the stories of the disciples and the first Jesus followers, and he found a group of people transformed by the teachings, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus. He found a group of people who were fearless of death, hopeful for the future, and faithful to the end. He found a group of people who God would use to change the world!


  1. Luke and the early Jesus Followers made it clear that Jesus created something new and something better. What are some things about their stories that make it clear that the story and message of Jesus is certain?
  2. Jesus and His followers redefined who God is. How would they define God? How did that compare to the god(s) of that day? To the version of God most people have today?
  3. Jesus changed the definition of sin. What did he change it to? How does that compare to most people's definition? Does Jesus’ definition of sin make you uncomfortable? If so, why?
  4. According to the New Testament, God gave His people a new purpose. What is that? How does the purpose God gave you change the way you see each day and the things/people you might typically see as mundane or annoying?
  5. “Less Christians need to be angry. More Christians need to be broken-hearted.” Do you agree with this? Why or why not? Would living this way force you to let go of something you routinely get angry about? Would it make you pay attention to something you’ve been avoiding?
  6. Were you raised to believe being a good Christian was mostly about getting to heaven? What does it change for you that being a good Christian is more about making heaven on earth by serving other people?
  7. What would change if you seriously believed that you could change the world?


Love like Jesus. Do no harm. Be brokenhearted, not angry, about sin.