The Creek Church

Group Questions

A Wonder-Full Christmas - December 2


Our Christmas experiences are often based on what has happened to us and what is happening around us. The circumstances we face dictate whether Christmas brings joy or humbug. But Christmas can be full of wonder and full of meaning when our experience is based on what happened for us at the first Christmas.


1. What would you need to do to change your perspective of Christmas?

2. Faith in Jesus isn’t blind faith. It is an evidence-based faith. Does this align with your understanding and definition? Why or why not?

3. Do you take time to contemplate the limitless greatness of Jesus? If so, share what this looks like.

4. Why is it important to understand the greatness of Jesus?

5. When you consider John 1:1 and its meaning, where does it take your thoughts? How does this verse impact your Christmas experience this year?

6. Why is surrendering our best, our allegiance, our resources to Jesus sometimes so difficult? Does the comprehension of His greatness make our surrender easier?


Carve out time this week and read through the gospel of John.