The Creek Church

Group Questions

Like Son Like Father - December 23


Jesus didn’t claim to HAVE the best explanation of God, Jesus claimed to BE the best explanation of God. Christmas is a celebration of Jesus coming to reveal God to man. May this overwhelming truth never become commonplace.


1. Every part of Jesus’ life helps us understand the point of Jesus’ life. Considering Christmas, what was the point of how Jesus entered the world?

2. What does the Christmas story reveal about God’s character?

3. If you want to know what God is like, listen and look to Jesus. How do you view God when looking through the lens of Jesus?

4. Jesus understands you fully and can relate to all your struggles, pain, joys, elation, and experiences. What can you relinquish to His control knowing He is full of grace and truth?

5. The world did not recognize Jesus when He came to reveal God to us. This Christmas, what actions can you take to recognize His sacrifice, His coming, His love?