The Creek Church

Group Questions

Everyone Can Reach Someone - February 3


Relentless pursuit. Determination. Focused on the goal. These aren’t descriptions about a sporting event, but instead highlight four men who cared enough to lead their friend to the Savior.


1. Discuss why we find it difficult to share Jesus with others.

2. Share effective ways to push past the awkwardness when inviting someone to church or discussing spiritual matters.

3. How can telling our own story of life change motivate us and those around us? Be bold. Share your story with your small group now.

4. Besides inviting someone to church, what are other ways to leverage spiritual influence in the lives of those who need Jesus?

5. What traits did the four men possess that are essential in reaching others? How can we be like the four friends in today’s culture?


Life change happens when we invest in others. Our influence can have a multiplicative effect and inspire others. Invite. Invest. Inspire.