The Creek Church

Group Questions

Holiness and Hatefulness - May 5


Jesus was hated and rejected by the most religious people because He loved and accepted the least religious people. Jesus demonstrated His love for His Father by loving people at their worst while the religious misinterpreted Scripture — which led to misrepresenting God and mistreating people.


1. How did Jesus view sin? How did Jesus view sinners? How do you view sin and sinners?

2. Does it bother you that Jesus has zero tolerance for the religious? Does it bother you when people’s expression of sin — what is in their heart— is different than yours?

3. Discuss ways we justify our actions by supporting it with Scripture.

4. What are some current theologies, world views, or perspectives that allow us to dishonor and un-love people?

5. How do we keep our hearts close to Jesus?


Search your heart and ask the God to reveal groups of people that you are dishonoring and unloving toward. Identify ways that you need to respond differently to those people and put those things into action.