The Creek Church

Group Questions

Jesus and Loopholes - May 12


Love God and love your neighbor. Jesus established this as the framework for His followers to interpret Scripture and solidified this as the epicenter of their faith. Jesus then issued a new command, to love as He loved. He removed religious loopholes and made it clear - our capacity to love is based on this - we can love because Jesus first loved us.


1. What is your framework for interpreting Scripture — specifically the Old Testament? Did it change after the message?

2. Is your identity tied to how you love?

3. Jesus loved up close and personal, with compassion, patience, and kindness. Do we, as Jesus followers, love close enough to look over sin and dysfunction and honor people according to their God-given identities? What are some practical ways to do this?

4. Jesus spoke un-compromised truth and unconditional grace. How can we do the same? What does that look like for us daily?

5. Jesus loved by not allowing His theology to get in the way of mercy. Does your theology or the “tribe” you relate to stop the flow of mercy?


Reflect on how Jesus has loved you personally. Love others as you have been loved.