The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Sipper from Susa - July 12


Nehemiah became a hero for his people, for Jerusalem, and for future generations.

He shows us that heroes choose to lead.


1. Leadership is not a title. Leadership is influence. Everyone has influence, and everyone can lead someone on some level. With that in mind, who are you leading?

2. The story of Nehemiah shows us that leaders have a burden — a vision of what could be and should be. What do you have a burden for?

3. Nehemiah imagines a better version of the works and led towards it. What is your better version of the works and how are you leading yourself and others toward it?

4. Nehemiah presented a better picture of the future in a compelling way. How does that compare to how many, including ourselves, try to move people towards better? Do others find it compelling? Do we do a good job of making it compelling?

5. What may other people in your life find uncompelling about your presentation of the better world you want to move towards?