The Creek Church

Group Questions

How To Love Your Neighbor - November 25


Jesus said the greatest commandment was loving God and loving people. It’s easy to talk about loving God, but loving people, that’s something we struggle with. What if we started loving God and loving people right where we live by loving our neighbors?


1. Do you know the names of the neighbors on your street?

2. How did Jesus model loving his neighbor during his time on earth?

3. Are there are people in your neighborhood who do not have a personal relationship with
Jesus? Why do they not know Jesus?

4. How can you intentionally meet your neighbors?

5. During Tim’s message, he referenced the Scripture “By this everyone will know
that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” What action can you take to
exemplify the love of Christ to others?

6. How can you begin to see your neighborhood as your mission field?


Live daily with a heart of gratitude for the love God gave you through a personal

relationship with Jesus and ask Him to give you discernment on how to live a life of
sharing His love with others.