The Creek Church

Group Questions

I'm Invested - January 26


When you read the Gospels, one of the things that Jesus makes remarkably clear is His purpose. It was the north star of His life, guiding and leading everything He said and did.

He would recast His purpose to His followers, and it would change everything: careers, families, hobbies, social calendars, and even our money all become a means to His end.


1. In the days of Jesus, most people lived their lives to survive rather than living with purpose. What do you see as the differences between these two lifestyles, and how do most people struggle with that same tension today?

2. If Jesus were preaching 52 Sundays a year at a local church, He would spend 17 of those talking about money, yet many people have a difficult time when the church talks about money today. Why do you think that is?

3. Jesus shifted the paradigm of giving from “giving to be blessed” to “giving because you are blessed.” How is that a shift from what even most people today believe when it comes to giving and why we give?

4. Why do many Christians prefer to believe that their giving will lead to personal blessings?

5. On Sunday Pastor Trevor said that God’s purpose is worth living for and worth giving to. How can you restructure your life and finances to align with that truth?