The Creek Church

Group Questions

Obedience - February 23


No one likes being told what to do, whether the command is from a parent, coach, boss, spouse, or even God.

Even though he had the same struggle with obedience, Peter was able to check his own propensity to disobey and follow Jesus. His story helps us learn that when we see Jesus as God and good, it helps us obey.


1. We all struggle with obedience. What are some of the reasons, or excuses, you’ve used to explain your own obedience problem?

2. Feeling and knowing are not the same as obeying. Why do we often stop at feeling and knowing what we should do and never actually get around to doing?

3. Have you ever felt like God was directing you to do something and didn’t do it? What caused you to disobey?

4. How does knowing that God is good make it easier to obey Him?