The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Power of the Movement - May 26


Jesus was crucified. That statement is a historical fact. Yet when you fast forward through 2,000 years of human history to today, you find a movement built not on the teachings of his enemies but on His own teachings.

Caesar is dead, the empire he forged has fallen, and the priesthood that orchestrated it all has become a relic of a bygone faith, but the Church exists on every continent and is comprised of billions of people. Jesus launched something that has outlived the empires, kingdoms, and ideologies that sought to destroy it.

The reason? The Church is a movement with unstoppable power because Jesus is alive.


  1. The Jews of Jesus day were looking for the Messiah and their promised redemption at his hands. In their minds, what did redemption look like, and how did that compare to what Jesus came to do and the redemption he brought?
  2. Much like the Jews of the Roman Empire, we tend to expect one thing from God and get frustrated or even disbelieve when it doesn’t turn out our way. What are some things that have occurred in your own life or in the lives of the people around you that have caused you or others to disbelieve?
  3. Many people saw the crucifixion as something that disqualified Jesus as the Messiah. What they saw as a disqualifier, God used to save the world. What are some examples from your own life of something that you saw as a disqualifier that God used in a big way?
  4. Jesus was able to help Thomas deal with his doubt, offer encouragement to Peter, and convince his beleaguered followers that He really was the Messiah because He had proximity with them. He was close. Who are you close to that you are helping deal with doubt, understand who Jesus is, or encourage?
  5. The success of the Church doesn’t rest on our own power, wealth, or ability, but on Jesus. We can’t fail. That fact encouraged Jesus early followers to take bold steps and what seemingly reckless actions. Their willingness to take a step. knowing they couldn’t fail, created a movement that changed the world.What is one thing you would do, one step you could take, to help the movement that Jesus launched take Kentucky?