The Creek Church

Group Questions

King of Stubborn - November 26


Christmas is a great story. A pregnant teenager, a reluctant fiance, an angelic visitation, and other aspects make it entertaining. But the most wonderful part is the fact that Christmas is not just a story. It is anchored in history and it has been playing out in the palaces of kings who shaped the stories of history and the story of Christmas.


1. Pastor Trevor said, “On some level we all crave a theology that allows us to do whatever we want to do.” Do you find this to be true in your life?

2. Have you ever resisted something you knew was good for you? What were the consequences? Have you ever resisted something you felt God was asking you to do?

3.  Do you truly believe that submitting to God leads to the best outcomes?  In what areas of life do you find it most difficult to submit to God?

4. King Zedekiah had a pride problem. He was convinced his way was better than God’s way. What role did pride play in his rebellion? Why is pride and arrogance so dangerous in our lives?

5. A lot of people think of God as a scorekeeper. Someone who keeps track of all your wrongdoing and pays you back accordingly. Pastor Trevor said that God isn’t coming for you to pay you back, but to win you back. What does that communicate about God’s character?


Submit to God.