The Creek Church

Group Questions

Paywall - March 31


Jesus came to give us eternal life and a better life. But you can be the recipient of eternal life, and never experience the latter. Because of Jesus, forgiveness is free, but freedom, experiencing the life he died to bring us, comes with a cost. Will you pay it?


1. Most Christians are holding out for a silver bullet moment. A service, an experience, or an answered prayer that fixes all the things that are going wrong in their lives. Why do you think so many of us have that mentality when it comes to faith, life, and progress?

2. Paul used the illustration of a race to help the Christians in the city of Corinth better understand how to follow Jesus. From the message and your own experience, what can we learn about following Jesus from Paul’s illustration?

3. There are two versions of our faith: the one most of us live and the one demonstrated by Jesus. Why do we often opt for our own adaptation rather than the one Jesus presented in His life? What excuses have you used to exempt yourself from following the pattern Jesus set?

4. What are you praying for in your own life? What is your version/vision of better?

5. Are you in danger of experiencing eternal life later, but missing out on a better life today? Out of the list given on Sunday (write it down, study, pray, serve, community, fast), which of the six practices would most help you get to where you want to be?


Write out your version of the better life, and then begin to pray through it daily. Look for opportunities to make the vision God placed on your heart reality here and now.