The Creek Church

Group Questions

Q&A - February 25


Throughout this series we have been taking a look at questions Christians don't want to answer. We've talked about faith and science, the Old Testament, and asked how a good God can exist when the world is filled with pain and suffering. In the seventh and final installment of the series Pastor Trevor answered some of the questions you've been asking that Christians don't want to answer.


1. When you read through the Bible it's easy to get hung up on certain parts of the story but miss the point of the story. Have you ever done this? Which story tripped you up and why? What point of the story might you have missed because of a problematic detail?

2. Have you ever struggled with discerning God's will? What was the situation and what did you do? What, if anything, did you learn about the will of God from Sunday’s Q&A?

3. Today Trevor outlined that when it comes to doctrine there are different tiers of importance. (i.e. 1st tier: God created the world. 2nd/3rd tier: how He did it.) What are some other 1st tier doctrines? What about some 2nd/3rd tier doctrines?

4. Have you encountered any tricky Church terminology that has tripped you up in your spiritual growth? (For example, being “ushered into the presence of God” which implies that God is not always with you.)

 5. How can you “reinvent your mental soundtrack” to help overcome some of your issues with faith and refocus on the most important things?

 6. Was there any answer that Trevor gave that you disagreed with? What was it and why do you disagree?