The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Bible - February 11


It’s loved by some, hated by others. It’s frustrating because of its occasional lack of clarity, and yet at the same time infuriating because of the things it gives clarity to. It has been used to justify the greatest good from some, and the cruelest of evil from others. It is a reason for faith, and a reason for disbelief. The Bible has impacted so many in vastly different ways, and in today’s world, few things stir up more controversy, strong feelings, and violent reactions.

In this culture there is a growing number of people who consider the Bible a dangerous, irrelevant, immoral book. The question of our day is this: Why should anyone take the Bible seriously?


1. In your experience, how do most Christians and churches answer the question, “Why should anyone take the Bible seriously?” Are those answers helpful or hurtful? Explain.

2. Have you ever had a problem with the Bible, something it said, or something someone claimed it said? How did you deal with that problem?

3. Do most people have a problem with the Bible, or someone’s interpretation of it? Give some some examples.

4. Do you agree that the starting point of any discussion about the Bible should always be Jesus? How does starting with Jesus differ from the approach that others try to use to answer this week’s questions? Is it a better approach? Why?


How we answer and approach the questions from this series can become someone’s reason to walk away or to take a step towards faith. Go further and check out some of these great resources: