The Creek Church

Group Questions

Why God? - January 14


There are a lot of different reasons why people believe the things that they do. Some of us adopt our beliefs because they are the beliefs of our culture, our family, and our time. Others may choose to base their beliefs upon what makes them feel good, or what best suits their preferences, or upon a “holy book” or religious teacher. Whatever the founding reasons may be, something is only worth believing if it is rational, supported by evidence, and if it best explains all the data.

With that in mind this week, we take a look at one of the greatest questions that humanity faces. Does God exist? And if you say He does, why do you choose to believe that?


  1. Pastor Trevor said that when having a conversation with someone about believing in God, or even when assessing our own beliefs, we should not begin by appealing to Scripture. Do you agree or disagree? Why would appealing to Scripture not be helpful?
  2. We often use our own experience in conversations about why we believe what we believe. Do you think using our own experience is the best way to convince someone of the existence of God? Why or why not?
  3. Why is the age and fine-tuning of the universe a major reason to believe in a God?
  4. Out of the reasons given to believe in God, which do you find most compelling? Why?
  5. Albert Einstein fudged the math in his research to support his belief that the universe was infinite, that it had no beginning and no end. What are some things or facts in your own life that you have distorted or ignored to support what you wanted to believe?


A belief that isn’t rational, supported by evidence, and doesn’t explain all the data is a belief that isn’t worth having. Take some time this week to assess why you believe the things that you do, and to begin researching the why behind your what.