The Creek Church

Group Questions

Christians Shouldn't Judge - July 22


We’ve all heard the statement, “judge not.” It sounds right, even pious. But what if it isn’t as simple as that? What if it isn’t unchristian to judge, but a key part of what it means to follow Jesus?


1. We’ve all been judged, and we’ve all been impacted from the experience. Share about a time when you were judged by someone else (falsely or not), and how it impacted you and your relationship with that person. 

2. Have you ever found yourself giving others less grace than you were giving yourself? If you noticed it in the moment, did you correct it or ignore it?

3. Today, Pastor Austin said the purpose of judgment is restoration. Have you ever used judgment to bring restoration? If so, how?

4. Have you ever experienced judgment that resulted in devaluation and condemnation? How did you respond?

5. Pastor Austin said that when it comes time to correct someone, “Truth should follow grace and sometimes grace should go alone.” In what situations should grace go alone? Is there ever a situation when truth should go first or go alone?

6. Why do you think we are told not to judge non-Christians? Have you ever heard that before?


Judge yourself first, and be willing to give to others the same amount of grace you give yourself.