The Creek Church

Group Questions

It's Foundational - June 3


Jesus told a story about two men who built their homes on the coast. One man built his house on the sand believing that the foundations he built upon wouldn’t affect the life he was building. The other man built on a stone foundation believing that even though building on stone was more difficult it would protect the life he was building in the long run. One day a storm came and the man who built his house on the sand lost everything, but the man who built his house on a foundation of stone made it through with his home intact. The point Jesus was making is that what you believe matters. It will impact you today, tomorrow, and forever.


1. Beliefs are inherited, adopted, or a mixture of both. What or who has played a major role in shaping what you believe? What is the greatest thing they taught you?

2. How have your beliefs shaped your actions in life? Think of an example, not just of religious beliefs but also things like finances, relationships, parenting, housekeeping, etc. Where did that belief come from? What kind of impact has it had on your life?

3. When we are misinformed early in life it is very difficult to walk away from that misbelief later in life. What are some things you were misinformed about growing up? How did you discover those things were wrong?

4. Today Pastor Trevor said that “Wrong belief is just as deadly as unbelief.” Had you ever heard that before? Do you agree?

5. Are there things you believe but have never looked into or researched? What are they? Why have you never looked into them?

6. We are all drawn to beliefs that excuse our behavior. Have you ever adopted a belief or left a previously held belief to accommodate something you wanted? What was it?


This summer we are dismantling sandcastles that many of us believe about God, faith, and life. Make plans to attend or watch part two of the series next Sunday!