The Creek Church

Group Questions

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide - July 8


From Jiminy Cricket, to the ballads of the 1980’s, the idea that we should follow our hearts, our conscience, is common and even celebrated. While it makes for great music, it’s terrible life advice. Jesus offers a different way to live. A better way to live: Let love be your guide.


  1. Have you ever received the advice that you should listen to your heart when making a decision? How did you respond to that advice and how did the situation play out?
  2. Some of our greatest regrets have come when we followed the advice of Roxette and listened to our heart. When was a time in you life that you chose to listen to your heart and regretted that choice?
  3. The idea that our conscience should be our guide is popular and celebrated in our culture. How do you process the idea that your heart/conscience might be misinformed? Do you believe it is true? What is the danger of making decisions based on a misinformed conscience?
  4. Pastor Trevor said that we can manipulate our own conscience. Have you ever been guilty of that? How did you realize that your conscience had been manipulated?
  5. Pastor Trevor said, “Just because something is good with me, doesn’t mean it’s good for me.” What does that mean? Have you ever experienced this in your own life? If so, explain.
  6. Have you been in a situation where your conscience was leading you in a way different than you thought God would want you to go? How did you handle that decision?
  7. Jesus said that if we tune our conscience to love, not our conscience, to what is best for those around me, not me, that we'll save ourselves from a misinformed conscience and the havoc it wreaks. How does choosing to align our conscience with love change and put a check on our conscience?


Love all people, all the time - no exceptions, no exemptions.

Don’t trust your conscience. Trust Jesus.