The Creek Church

Group Questions

The Administrator - July 24


We often don’t think of leadership as a gift, but Paul makes clear that it is. Certain people within the local church are gifted to lead people from where they are to where they should be and could be. These folks are good under pressure, are geared for progress, and are a gift to the church. They work well with others in order to accomplish great things through people. Are you a leader? If so, get busy. Leaders lead, and when they do, everybody is the better for it. 


1. How did you score in the gift of administration? Did you find any of those characteristics to be true in your life? Which ones?

2. Some people are detail-oriented and others are just the opposite. Why are both important? How can we leverage both for the good of all, whether in the local church or in places where we work?

3. Leadership is about moving people from where they are to where they could be and should be. If you tested high in the gift of administration, does this fact change your attitude in regards to using your gift and how you steward it?

4. Would you consider yourself to be a workaholic? Is that what others would say about you? 

5. Why is leading more than pointing out a problem, why must it also inviting people to be apart of a solution? 

6. A leader's present burden has the power to shift the future. If you are an administrator/leader, does that excite you? Has God placed a burden on your heart that you need to do something about? What do you need in order to do it?

7. Nehemiah’s burden was the beginning of his dream to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. How can confronting what burdens us ultimately help steer us further into God’s purpose for our lives? 

8. Leaders must have followers and followers must have leaders, but we live in a world that seems to struggle with living under authority. How has this undermined the role of leadership in our nation, community, and churches? 

9. Often, leaders can become discouraged with wondering about what they have done or what could they have done. How can we encourage a leader in our lives this week?


1. What breaks your heart? What is your burden?
Answering these questions may help you understand your passion. The passions of your heart are not incidental; they are critical messages. When you know the answers to this question ,you will better understand yourself and how you can help lead in those areas. 

2. After discovering your big burden, write out a big prayer and pray it with big faith with confidence in a big God, believing that it just might be the tipping point towards something extraordinary.


Nehemiah 6:3 — “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?”