The Creek Church

Group Questions

Dignified Guests - September 30


Jesus’ love and grace was scandalous and controversial. Jesus embraced people before people embraced Him. He understood a person’s value wasn’t connected to their culture, actions, past, or circumstances. People have value because we are created in the image and likeness of God.


1. Human dignity is to know there is value and worth. How can you treat people to show they matter?

2. If we claim to love God, how can we not love those made in His image?

3. Examining your actions, do you show others that you are intensely interested in them?

4. God does not think believers are more important than non-believers. How does thinking the opposite bring about wrong actions and attitudes?

5. Dehumanizing others is sin. What does that look like in our world today?

6. Did this Sunday’s message align with what you already think and believe?


Every person we see bears the image of God. Do you see people as Jesus does?