The Creek Church

Group Questions

Q&A - October 14


This series has stirred up a lot of conversations and a lot of questions. In week four, Pastor Trevor takes time to give some answers and some clarity to your questions.


1. Pastor Trevor said, “What affects us emotionally affects us spiritually.” Have you found that times of political tension affect you emotionally and spiritually? How do times like those impact you personally?

2. The Pharisees used people as a point to be made rather than people with dignity. Have you ever felt like someone was trying to make a point with you but didn’t really care about you? How did that make you feel about them and about their overture?

3. What is the difference between associating with someone and affirming their actions? Is there a difference? Should we be concerned with how association may look to other people?

4. Pastor Trevor said that we, as Christians, need Christian friends and also friends who don’t believe or behave like us. What do you think about that principle? Do you agree? Have you ever been told that Christians should do differently?

5. Do you treat everyone as if they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God? How can you give dignity to everyone around you?


Think about how you’ve been treated “around the table” and how you’ve treated others. If there is something that needs to change, take steps towards changing it.