The Creek Church

Group Questions

Table Seasoning - October 21


Just as salt is necessary for physical life, providing balance, suppressing bitterness, and enhancing sweetness, truth also balances and enhances our spiritual lives. However, when we provide truth out of proportion to grace, the end result is unpleasant, ineffective, and damaging.


1. Identify causes of toxic tribalism within our society. How can Christians counteract these negative influences?

2. How can believers maintain their Kingdom of God identities over those allegiances of our culture?

3. Discuss what ‘speaking truth in love’ looks like practically.

4. Do you struggle with your grace and truth balance? On which side do you err most often?

5. How can you work on learning to speak truth in love?

6. Provide examples of when you have received much grace seasoned with truth. What was the outcome? Provide examples of the opposite. What was the outcome? Compare and contrast the two.


How we speak truth is of greatest importance. Jesus understood the delicate balance of providing an environment of grace within which truth could be accepted more readily. His focus of love and grace gave credibility to His message of truth. This week, strive to provide a feast of grace seasoned with truth.