The Creek Church

Group Questions

Piece of Cake - November 12


When we are truly grateful we’ll show it, and we will show it with our generosity. Few people would ever disagree with being generous, but the majority of people don’t give. In fact, in most churches only 10-25% of the people give anything. But what would happen if the Church was overwhelmed by gratitude and characterized by generosity? What would the world look like? What would your life look like?


1. When we experience the generosity of others it marks and impacts us. Share how someone was generous to you and how it has impacted you.

2. Statistically people from the highest income bracket give less (in percentage) than people from the the lowest income brackets. Why do you think that is?

3. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than receive.” In your experience, is that true? Explain.

4. Though we tend to believe what Jesus said about generosity, we struggle to practice it. What are some things that make it difficult to be generous? What things have you said to yourself to justify not giving?

5. Are you as generous as you want to be? What are some things that you could do to help yourself be generous?


Be Prepared: Budget

Be Generous: Give

Be Wise: Save

Be Content: Live