The Creek Church

Group Questions

Headed Home - May 24


Psalm 23 is the story of an ancient King, the nation of Israel, and it's also our story.

From the lowlands to the valleys, the mountain tops, and the plateaus, we can all find ourselves in the story of the sheep and their Good Shepherd.


1. We find the best versions of ourselves when we follow Jesus, The Good Shepherd. Does your own life and experience prove this statement true? Pick a story in your past that best illustrates it and share.

2. Life consists of seasons. What kind of season are you in now? What are you praying and hoping for?

3. What was good in one season may not be good, or good for us, in the next. Why do you think we have such a strong propensity to stay where we are, hold on to what we have, and resist moving on to what God has for us?

4. In Psalm 23 we see the Shepherd going before the sheep to prepare the way. Have you experienced that in your own life? How?

5. How do you see your own story in Psalm 23?