The Creek Church

Group Questions

Wadi Qelt - May 17


Fear has a way of fooling us into believing things that aren't true, making unwise decisions, and distrusting God.

But faith and facts cause us to lean in a different direction. When you know that God is with you and that God is for you, fear has a way of fading away. You may be walking through something, but God is leading you somewhere.


1. Has fear ever caused you to believe something that wasn't true, fooled you, or caused you to give up? What happened? What were you afraid of?

2. Have you ever followed fear to the point of distrusting God? If so, what was it that led you to distrust God? How did you regain that trust?

3. What are common things in your life that fuel your fears?

4. You may be going through something, but God is leading you somewhere through it all. How has that statement proven true for you in the past?

5. In this season of your life what do you find yourself afraid of? How does realizing that God is with you and for you impact your perspective of that?