The Creek Church

Group Questions

Prayer Habits - September 15


If prayer mattered to Jesus, prayer should matter to us. His example and instruction teach three keys to build the habit of prayer into our daily lives.


1. Have you struggled with building a habit? What keys are required to get started and keep a habit on-going? What about a habit as important as prayer?

2. How can you be more intentional with your prayer time?

3. How can you show up daily? Is there a place you can go to and pray? Is there a place that inspires you? Do you have an area of solitude you can find for a time of prayer?

4. What about consistency? What will help you stick with it? Will you see answered prayers?


Be a praying person because a praying person prays daily.

Prepare yourself for prayer by:

a. Opening your heart and mind.

b. Wanting to be used of God.

c. Listening for His promptings