The Creek Church

Group Questions

Words of Encouragement - November 11


Your words are powerful. You have the ability to speak death or life into the lives of the people around you with the things you say.

Few words are as impactful as encouragement. It can reshape identity, give strength to persevere, and spur us on to be better and do better.


1. Have you ever had someone speak words of encouragement to you that deeply impacted your life? Who were they, what did they say, and how did it impact you?

2. Many of us struggle to encourage the people around us. What are some reasons you have used to justify not encouraging someone else?

3. “Discouraged people become disengaged people.” Disengaged from faith, from family, and life. Have you ever seen that play out in your own life or in the life of someone else? Share your story.

4. What are some practical realistic ways that you can be a better encourager this week?

5. Think of some of the people closest to you. How do you want to encourage them? If you could give them a name or reputation to live up to what would it be? On your phone or a sheet of paper write down your answers. Share some of your answers with your group.


Encouraged people are encouraging people. Take some time this week to encourage yourself by researching what God says about you in Scripture. Write those things down and put them in places you will see them regularly as a reminder and a source of encouragement.