The Creek Church

Group Questions

Words of Gratitude - November 18


A virtue everyone can agree upon, gratitude changes our quality of life positively. Being grateful is a central part of our faith. Choosing gratitude changes how we view our past, how we process the present, and how we anticipate the future. Gratitude is not tied to personality or circumstance. It is tied to choice.


1. Jesus taught that our words reflect our hearts. What are your words telling others about your heart? Are you deciding to use your words to demonstrate you have a heart of gratitude?

2. Why don’t we choose gratitude more often? What inhibits us from being thankful routinely?

3. Paul exemplified that joy follows gratitude and how to have joy regardless of circumstances. Why do we allow circumstances to drive our responses? Where do we learn that habit?

4. How does your view of God impact how you see your circumstances? Why is it hard to trust that God is good and can use bad times for our good? Does gratitude increase our trust in God?

5. Joy is not an emotion but a confidence in God’s sovereignty. Do you struggle with being joyful? Why or why not?


We can choose joy because God is sovereign. We can pray because God is able. We can be thankful because God is good. We can be at peace because God is faithful. Make the great choice to have a great attitude. How can you make joy, prayer, gratitude, and peace your go-to responses?