The Creek Church

Group Questions

Words of Responsibility - November 4


Death or life. The decision seems easy, right? But it’s not when it comes to the words we speak. Our words are powerful, they can give life or death, encouragement or discouragement, they can even alter chemicals in our brains and the manifestation of our genetic code. Our words are important. So, “what do you say?”


1. Why do we resist the words, “I’m sorry” or “I messed up?” Why do we resist responsibility for our lives?

2. Responsibility makes us vulnerable. Why is vulnerability something we dislike and fear?

3. Repentance is bringing failures to God and leaving them, changing our minds and direction toward God’s better way. Does your understanding of repentance align with this definition? Why or why not?

4. In your life, what prevents you from taking responsibility for your actions? What motivates you?

5. How can you begin to choose words of responsibility over blaming and excuses?

6. Why do we fear being honest with God? Do you believe He is a safe place and can be trusted with your weaknesses?


Read and study Psalm 51 and Psalm 32. In a journal or notebook record how David responded at first to his failures, and the steps he took to receive forgiveness and healing. Apply these steps to help you take responsibility for your own life.