The Creek Church

Group Questions

When You Hear God Whisper - May 27


Discouragement! Have you ever felt it? Discouragement is a black fog, and it's universal — eventually everyone gets it. Often we open the door to discouragement when we outpace our life. Fatigue, unmet expectations, and personal disappointment can be the openings that allow discouragement to seep into our lives. But when all is quiet, we can hear the quiet whisper of God that re-centers us in reality. When we hear His whisper, we can refocus on Jesus. When He is not the center, discouragement is sure to follow.  


  1. Have you ever experienced discouragement? What were the circumstances in which you felt discouraged?
  2. Elijah was discouraged. Elijah was tired, weak, and needed rest. His expectations for the people’s response to God’s miracles were not met. How do you respond when people don’t meet your expectations?
  3. When Elijah was discouraged, fear was a cause. What are some of your fears? What are the outcomes of the fears you hold onto?
  4. What do you do to help you hear from God?  


This week, take a moment to carve some time out of your schedule to spend in silence. Think about where your life really is right now. What are some adjustments you need to make?