The Creek Church

Group Questions

It's A Miracle - January 27


Why are there so many miracles in the Bible and so few today? Does God still do miracles today? How can I receive a miracle from God?


1. There are lots of different opinions about miracles both inside and outside of the church. What were you raised to believe about miracles? Do you still believe that way? Why or why not?

2. Should we pray for miracles? If we should, are there certain things we should or shouldn’t pray?

3. Have you ever seen or experienced a miracle? What was it?

4. A miracle is an exception to the natural law. Something supernatural. By that definition, does what you previously called a miracle still classify as a miracle?

5. Sunday Pastor Trevor said that God’s love for you won’t spare you from life’s hardship, and that your faith can’t force a miracle. In fact, you may pray for a miracle, never get it, but hear about God doing the miraculous in someone else’s life. How does that make you feel? How do you personally deal with the tension that arises from those statements?

6. How have miracles, the lack of them or the presence of them, impacted your faith?


Trust in God’s power … He can.

Trust in God’s will … He may not.

Trust in God’s grace … Either way, I’m going to be okay.