The Creek Church

Group Questions

Thinking About Thinking - January 6


Every new year we flirt with the idea of change. Sometimes we want it, sometimes we need it, sometimes we know it is wise to change. However, implementing and sustaining change towards the ideal, God-intended life is rarely easy.


1. Scripture teaches that change begins in our minds. Repentance is a change in our values, our thoughts, our worldview. Are you changing your thinking before attempting to change your behavior?

2. What “old thinking” are you holding onto? Do you acknowledge this thinking is what prevents you from change?

3. In what areas are you an architect of your thinking and in what areas are you a victim?

4. Read Romans 12:1-2. Evaluate your values, thoughts, worldview. In what areas are you copying the behaviors of the world/culture? In what areas are you allowing God to transform how you think?

5. When you change your thinking, your thinking will change you. What needs to change in your life?

6. What do you need to walk away from? What do you need to walk toward?


Pursue the ideal life God intended and Jesus points His followers toward, knowing grace is there in the real life.