The Creek Church

Group Questions

#YourLifeMattersToMe - July 10

Dear Creekers: 

Normally we prepare a list of questions for you and your discipleship group to discuss while meeting together. However since today's content was a bit of departure from our week to week programming, I wanted to simply give you a suggestion for what to do in your group and a couple of questions to discuss. 

Suggestion: Pray for our nation. Pray for the communities of our nation. Pray for those who are hurting, angry, fearful, and disillusioned. Pray for victims of injustice, and pray for opportunities for the church to show the love of Christ in these very difficult days. 

Question 1: How did today's message make you feel? Why? 
Question 2: What neighbors do you struggle to love, and what can you do differently in order to love like Jesus?