The Creek Church

Joe's Story

Joe Arnett has been attending The Creek for at least 8 years, and there’s a good chance you’ve met him. He serves almost every Sunday on our parking team, rain or shine. On sunny days, he has a smile for you. On rainy days, he has a smile as well as an umbrella to hold for you. 

Joe is also an essential member of The Creek's jail ministry team. He volunteers three times a week at the Laurel County Detention Center, playing back sermons from The Creek for the inmates and teaching bible studies there.

It’s no surprise that Joe Arnett’s spiritual gift assessment pegged him as a Server. “God gives you that gift, you know. That’s where I landed on my assessment, but I was already there.” Joe said. His favorite part of serving is seeing people's smiles. “When I see the love first-hand, it makes it all worth it."

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