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Finding Ways to Prioritize God During Your Busy Life

December 12, 2019 | India Tungate

Real talk: life gets busy. Everyone is either working, caring for others, checking emails and Facebook messenger, making meals, and before you know it, it’s time for bed. So, how do we put God first in our lives and still accomplish everything else that is expected? 

1. We can start by putting God first in our reading. 

These days, I have been trying really hard to wake up each morning and read a little bit of the Bible, whether it is a simple verse or a chapter. I want to spend my time every morning in God’s Word so that I start my day on track. It is hard to know what decisions to make if I’m not getting my wisdom from Him. Would you agree?

Quiet time with God is such an important part of a Christian lifestyle. Being a Christian is about having a deep, intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. When we have a relationship with someone, what do we normally do? Usually we spend time with them, talk to them, get to know them, and trust them. This is how we should look at the function of our quiet time with God!

Does anyone else like to read before bed? I consider that my “Mommy-Me-Time,” once my family is tucked in their beds and fast asleep. My choice nowadays is usually a non-fiction, Christian-based book. As I’ve grown in my faith I’ve found that I prefer learning more about real-life subjects. (I’m not knocking fiction books. I still love reading them!) But it’s very interesting to see the views of other Christians on Biblical topics, read their stories, and learn from others. It’s also such a great way to grow your faith and God can really use these types of books to teach us new things! 

2. Put God first in your prayers.

Learning to pray all throughout the day is really something I hadn’t done regularly other than in times of crisis until the past two years. However, I realized that I can praise Him for everything. I can call on His name for help with all things. I encourage you to find Biblical references that lift you up in your personal weaknesses and help dismiss the lies that the enemy tells you about yourself. Maybe it’s depression, body image, feeling untalented, etc. Cover yourself in God’s truth each and everyday!

3. Have an accountability partner.

It is so easy for me to say, “Oh, I will just read twice as much tomorrow night because I’m tired.” (I just said this last night!) It is so easy for me to make excuses most days. Satan tries telling us all the time that we don’t need daily quiet time with God. Finding an accountability partner or a mentor or a Bible study group is a wonderful way of sticking with it and helping you to make time with God a daily habit. At The Creek Church, they host what they call “small groups,” which is when you get together with people and do special studies, discuss the week's message, etc. They either meet in homes or meet somewhere in the community or at one of our church buildings. More information on these awesome groups can be found on their website at

4. Put God first with your work. 

This year, there was a verse in the Bible that really stood out to me and touched my heart. 1 Peter 4:10-11 says, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever.”

I have learned to pray before I begin working. If you’re like me and are struggling with getting things accomplished at work or are lacking passion in your work, seek God’s help while you’re working. Ask Him every day before you begin working! We are all gifted in our own ways. God blesses us with all sorts of different gifts that we can use for His glory. What are you good at? Have you thought of how God wants you to use that? Are you listening to Him? 

5. Begin your daily commute by listening to Christian radio or a podcast.

Listening to Christian radio such as K-Love or a Christian podcast on your way to work, the grocery store, or while cooking is a fantastic way to keep your mind focused on the Lord. Here lately I have been loving these podcasts: “As For Me and My House,” “Elevation with Steven Furtick,” and “The Love Offering with Rachael Adams.” 

6. Lastly, have God put you to bed.

I try my best to read my Bible first thing in the morning, but to be honest, I’m not relaxed in the morning. Especially with my 4 year old and 2 year old poking me in the face and begging me for breakfast. So typically, I save my quiet time with God for right before bed. That’s when I am relaxed. I give Him my undivided attention this way.  Maybe you are a morning person — that’s great! You can choose to spend time in God’s Word every morning. The main thing is being able to devote time to Him when you can quiet your mind and worship Him, not your schedule.

These are just steps to get you thinking of how to make God first in your life through easy methods that can be done every day. As a full-time stay-at-homeschooling Mama of two as well as a full time photographer, I find it so hard to balance my life. Especially my time with God, as awful as that may sound. Everything listed above are ways that I try to ground myself to Him daily. Some days are more successful than others, but I keep trying and believe that one day it will become as natural as ever to devote time to God.

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